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Computer Programming

If you need to have a custom application created for your business we can do that too. We can write a program for you using: Visual Basic, C++, VB Script, HTML and macro for office applications.

VBIcon Visual Basic is a good language for smaller stand alone programs. Lately Visual Basic has become more full feartured and robust.


C++ C++ is a full featured programin language whick can be easily ported to multiple Operating Systems.


HTMLHTML is the language of te internet. All web browsers interperet this language to create a visual experience. We can eiter refer you to a reputable web hosinting service of we can host the site for you if you would rather let us handle all of the littles thins for you. Please email for a quote on hosting the site for you.


We charge $80.00 per hour for programing services.

Please feel free to contact us at 306-768-2508 or via email.