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Welcome to the P&C Compu-Patches remote help section.

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Once you click the Get Support but your web browser is going to try and download a very small application that you will have to set up on your computer. This application is a one-time use program that will allow a technician to take control of your computer.

I have listed some help on getting the GetSupport app downloaded and installed on your computer.

Click on the Browser to go to the approprate help section:


Internet Explorer




Google Chrome


Windows 10 Edge Browser


Opera Save

Run Get Support

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Extra information for Intenet Explorer Users

If you are running Internet Explorer you my get a warning about "GetSupport.exe" not being a commonly downloaded program. Just Click the Options button then click the down arrow beside "More Options" then click on Run Anyway.

IE Run


Nore Options

Run Anywhay

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